Praxys Paysage & Territoire, Landscape architecture office in Paris

“To understand the world, you have to be willing to change it.” Henri Lefebvre

Since its creation in 2007, the approaches of the firm are various. They adapt to the circumstances A landscape design is always a combination of circumstances. As landscape designers we are taking part in the city planning and design. We are working carefully to preserve the existing balances. Throught different projects, the studio try to produce a renewal mental representation of the places and an every-day life pleasure. This research explore different themes:



The transformation of places is a game with the time. The Time invites us to wonder where and how to act, to multiply representations, to leave the picture. The idea is to develop different presences, to implement production strategies while taking into account the complexity of the reality.  It is the ability to create a new world serving new uses.

“You understand, it’s not the time to find again but the time to discover…” Picasso



Oneiric way to reveal the elements in presence, to give them a frame allowing to see them under a new light, to bring back together the different parts of the same place in the service of everyday life. It is about estimating and gauging this landscape,  producing singular situations and comfortable spaces. The project becomes a radical way to change the landscape appearance without changing its essence.

« To keep everything stable, everything must change” Visconti – Le guépard 

“The greatest charm of the beauty might probably be that it always have the shape of elements which are in a way irrelevant and impervious to it and gets an esthetic value only by their juxtaposition” Georg Simmel – Rome, Florence, Venise


  • Landscape planning and urbanism
  • Public space
  • Park and garden


Skill :

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Large scale studies
  • Garden design
  • praject management

Lauréat des AJAP 2009 / 2010


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