Cité 12/14

A garden on street in flowerbeds, a garden in the back planted by fruit trees,
A way of reminding the wild orchards in the bottoms of coal tips arisen from the lunch breaks of the minors and from their thrown of kernels.

place : Lens (Pas-de-Calais French departement)
year : 2011
contracting authority : Soginorpa
mission : competition
surface : 3 hectares
cost of works : 14,1 M euros
team :
Praxys landscape architect (Thomas Boucher – Sylvie Gourio)
Pattou Tandem mandatory architect
Infra sercice BET VRD


Cité Deblock

Construction of 80 housing units and renewal of 66 housings units of the Cité Deblock
Vegetal density and high quality exterior spaces help creating a shared and gardened landscape, would they be public gardens or private yards.

place : Noyelles-sous-Lens (Pas-de-Calais French departement)
year : 2012 – Competition winner
Ongoing study
contracting authority : SOGINORPA
cost of works : 12 M euros
mission : whole assignement
surface : 4 hectares (excluding roadways)
team :
Praxys mandatory landscape architect (Thomas Boucher – François Hérisset – Jean-François Gauthier)
TANDEM + mandatory architect


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