Chollet square

Inauguration of the Chollet square in Ablon-sur-Seine. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire agent, AVR bet VRD. see the project.

Brézillet square

We won the competition of the exhibition square in Saint-Brieuc. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire, Colleux, Coquard et Charrier agent Architects, Armor Ingéniérie, SARL BSO, Annie Lesquesne. see the project.

Montgé Forest – Study

After the study of the Rougeau forest we won the study on the Montgé forest. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire. see the project.


We are selected for the ESPCI (Superior school of Physical Physics and Chemistry) competition in the 5th district of Paris in Renzo Piano’s team. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire,  Renzo Piano Building Workshop agent Architects, B+G, Setec Bat, Tribu, Sletec, Pleutz.

district “La Pompignane”

We are selected for the competition of the Pompignane district to Montpellier. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire, Castro et Denisoff agent Architects and Urban planners, Berim, 2DKS.

ZAC du Landy

We won the ZAC du Landy market in Aubervilliers. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire sucbontractor of, Babin+Renaud Architects.


We won the Clichy-Batignolles market in Paris. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire, TVK agent Architects Urban planners, Tolila-Gilliland Architects, Franck Boutté.

Place de la République

Our offer concerning the place de la République in Villeneuve d’Ascq was accepted. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire, François Magos, MaGeo BET, RRA. see the project.

Salengro square

We answered the competition of the Salengro square in Dunkerque. Team : Praxys paysage & territoire agent, Nicolas Reymond architect, 3° Pôle programmation .

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